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October 16, 2021  
BACK NEWS: Feature Archives

worm September 11, 2014
Spinal Discs Provide a Window into our Evolutionary Past:
Spinal discs are remnants of the first vertebrate skeleton, whose origins now appear to be older than had been assumed.

surgery August 26, 2014
Anti-Clotting Treatment Not Needed in Most Pediatric Spine Surgeries:
Blood clots occur so rarely in children undergoing spine operations that most patients require nothing more than vigilant monitoring after surgery and should be spared risky and costly anti-clotting medications.

elderly July 28, 2014
Increase in Patients Age 80 and Older Undergoing Orthopaedic Surgery:
Study shows increase in patients 80 and older having elective orthopaedic surgeries such as spinal fusion with low mortality rates.

kids January 23, 2014
Young Athletes at Risk for Lower Back Injuries:
Lower back injuries are the third most common injuries suffered in athletes under age 18. Many injuries are severe enough to sideline young athletes for one-to-six months, and put them at future risk for long-term back problems.

spine November 26, 2013
Longer daily wear of back braces is best to avoid surgery for adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis:
A multi-center study to determine whether wearing back braces would prevent the need for spinal correction surgery in children overwhelmingly in favor of bracing.

surgery October 29, 2013
Can you predict complications with back surgery? Preoperative factors increase risk:
For older adults undergoing surgery for spinal stenosis, some simple indicators of poor preoperative health predict a high risk of major medical complications.

yoga June 27, 2013
Yoga Classes for Back Pain:
Researchers have found that weekly yoga class provided similar lower back pain relief and reduced the need for pain medication as twice weekly classes in lower income minority patients.

back May 30, 2013
Patients With Low Back Pain Can Be Accurately Assessed Over the Internet:
A new "telerehabilitation" approach lets physical therapists assess patients with low back pain over the Internet, with good accuracy compared with face-to-face examinations.

surgery May 22, 2013
Surgical Vs. Nonsurgical Treatment For Cervical Spine Fracture:
For older adults with "C2" fractures of the upper (cervical) spine, surgery and nonsurgical treatment provide similar short- and long-term outcomes

osteoporosis April 25, 2013
Nearly 30 Percent Of Women Fail To Pick Up New Prescriptions For Osteoporosis:
Study offers new insights on patient and physician characteristics that contribute to osteoporosis medication adherence

February 26, 2013
Researchers Hail Gene Breakthrough In Bid To Prevent Spinal Tumors:
Medical researchers have discovered a gene that is responsible for causing an inherited form of tumour known as spinal meningioma.

January 22, 2013
Link Between Steroid Injection And Increased Risk Of Bone Fractures:
Patients treated with an epidural steroid injection for back pain relief are at increased risk of bone fractures in the spine.

December 22, 2012
Brain Imaging Insight Into Cannabis As A Pain Killer:
Researchers found that an oral tablet of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, tended to make the experience of pain more bearable, rather than actually reduce the intensity of the pain.

November 27, 2012
Quit Smoking to Decrease Back Pain:
A new study found that smokers suffering from spinal disorders and related back pain reported greater discomfort than spinal disorder patients who stopped smoking during an eight-month treatment period.

September 25, 2012
Predicting Scoliosis Progression From 3D Imaging:
Data Presented at SRS Conference Suggest 3D Evaluation May Help Forecast Disease Progression at Initial Medical Visit

April 17, 2012
Fix back pain, improve brain power:
Relieving chronic lower back pain correlates with a return to normal brain function.

March 20, 2012
Advances in Spinal Cord Stimulation May Lead to More Effective Treatment for Back Pain:
For some people suffering from localized back pain, surgery and physical therapy are not enough. Spinal cord stimulation, or SCS, may hold the answers for pain management. New developments within the field indicate that the process could produce even more effective results.

February 21, 2012
Early Retirement Due to Back Pain May Lead to Long-Term Financial Disadvantage:
Not only does early retirement limit the immediate income available to these individuals, but it also may reduce their long-term financial capacity

January 10, 2012
Despite Guidelines To The Contrary, Practitioners Recommend Time Off For Low Back Pain:
Guidelines for clinical management of patients with low back pain advise staying active and returning to work, but most practitioners believe work factors can cause or exacerbate LBP.

October 22, 2011
Pregnancy: It Can Be a Pain in the Back:
Back pain during pregnancy is universal, but it is not unavoidable. Here are some tips on reducing it.

August 29, 2011
Preventing Back-to-School Back Pain:
Many students and bus drivers experience back pain from every day activities having to do with school: picking up heavy bags, carrying them the wrong way, being in a seated position too long, and not having the correct support on a seat.

July 28, 2011
How to Always Travel in Comfort:
Follow these seven simple steps to avoid back pain while traveling.

July 10, 2011
Researcher Finds Link Between Back Pain And Genetics:
Chronic back pain may run in the family.

May 25, 2011
How To Prevent Back Pain When Gardening And Playing Sports:
Whether you are gardening or engaging in sports, there are ways you can minimize the chances of getting back pain, and ways to manage back pain if it does develop.

April 25, 2011
How to Improve your Posture and Decrease Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain:
Bad posture causes back, shoulder, and neck pain; puts undue pressure on your legs and shoulders, increasing your likelihood of a joint injury; decreases your ability to breathe properly; and can potentially damage your internal organs

February 18, 2011
Hope for Cancer Patients with Spinal Fractures:
New Repair Technique Rapidly Reduces Pain And Improves Back Function In Cancer Patients With Spinal Fractures

December 20, 2010
Winter Holidays Can Be Bad for the Back:
There are simple measures that can be taken to reduce injury risk and minimize or eliminate back pain over the winter holidays.

November 15, 2010
Two-thirds of spinal osteoporotic fractures remain undiagnosed and untreated :
Often dismissed as simple back pain or arthritis, spinal fractures caused by osteoporosis frequently remain undiagnosed and untreated, leaving individuals at risk of further fractures and long term disability..

July 09, 2010
Benefits of Alternative Approaches to Back Pain Relief:
Study Finds Back Pain Sufferers Benefit from Chiropractic Care and other Complementary and Alternative Approaches

June 28, 2010
Low Back Pain Is No Reason To Stay In Bed:
"Normal daily activity seems to be the best way for patients with low-back pain to get better," said a researcher at the Norwegian Centre for the Health Services.

May 28, 2010
Prevention And Non-Surgical Treatment Effective For Most People Suffering From Low Back Pain :
"Although more than 75 percent of Americans will experience some back pain during their lifetime, about 90 percent of cases are resolved without surgery."

May 10, 2010
CT Technique Eliminates the Need for X-rays:
A computed tomography (CT) scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis eliminates the need for X-rays in trauma patients to detect spinal fractures.

February 17, 2010
Researchers Recall Soy Recommendation:
Researchers recently find that consuming modest amounts of soy proteins does not lessen lumbar spine bone loss in perimenopausal women.

February 08, 2010
Minimally Invasive Procedure Has Profound Effect on Back Pain:
A new study presented at the 26th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pain Medicine shows that a new, minimally invasive facet arthrodesis procedure significantly reduced back pain due to facet-mediated lower back pain.

January 21, 2010
Clearing the Snow: The Ultimate Winter Chore Don’t let shoveling snowball into a painful injury:
Snow shoveling tends to be an unpleasant task—this mundane seasonal chore combines heavy lifting and cold weather, resulting in possible injuries to the back, shoulder muscles if shovelers do not take the proper precautions. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) has recommendations to help you stay safe while clearing snow so you can still have some winter fun.

December 04, 2009
Some Daily Habits that Hurt Your Back:
As the fifth most common reason for hospitalization and third most common cause of surgery, back pain is one of the most cited reasons for doctor visits in the US.

October 02, 2008
Which Comes First, the Arthritis or the Pain?:
A study published in the October 2008 issue of the journal Arthritis & Rheumatism provides new information on arthritis and pain. The most commonly-held view about arthritis pain is that the pain stems from the arthritis...

May 16, 2008
Acupuncture as an Effective Treatment for Back Pain :
Low back pain occurs at a lifetime rate of 70-85 percent and is the number 2 complaint of patients. People often try a variety of treatments with varying results.

February 14, 2008
“Taking the Waters” Makes for a Relaxed Back:
You could smell the sulphur as soon as we walked in the door. It was a rainy fall evening in the Northwest with summer’s heat and a perfect evening to see if some balneotherapy, which means soaking in thermal waters straight from within the earth, might help my aching back...

December 03, 2007
Yoga Keeps Your Back – and Body – Flexible:
“Yoga keeps you young,” said physical therapist at Providence Portland Medical Center, Ana Dupuis, DPT...

September 17, 2007
Listen for Your Health:
A study published in The Journal of Advanced Nursing found that music can help alleviate neck and back pain...

July 18, 2007
Depression More Pervasive Among Back Pain Sufferers:
Study reveals depression rates may be much higher in back pain sufferers than previously thought...

June 18, 2007
Back Pain and Pregnancy:
Back pain is very common during pregnancy, and relief is possible...

March 26, 2007
Massage Can Help Upper Back Pain Associated with Desk Jobs:
In Part Two, we take a closer look at the benefits of massage...

March 19, 2007
Pain in the Back, Shoulder, or Neck? Over Half of Women Polled Blame Their Bra:
A recent poll indicated that 59 percent of women ‘sometimes’ or ‘rarely’ experience back, neck, or shoulder pain associated with bra use...

February 12, 2007
The ABCs of Backpacks:
Millions of students carry backpacks. Here are some tips for preventing injuries...

December 04, 2006
Massage Can Help Upper Back Pain from Desk Jobs:
There’s much about massage that’s reminiscent of the Navajo approach to medicine. In addition to physical symptoms, so too are spiritual and emotional aspects addressed...

November 21, 2006
Herniated Discs: A Physiatrist Shares Insights:
Some experts say these back injuries do not require surgery, and can heal better with more holistic approaches...

November 13, 2006
Healthy Weight Makes for a Healthy Spine :
Common sense says that too much weight is hard on the back. That said, the science is not conclusive...

October 25, 2006
Acupuncture Sticks it to Low Back Pain:
An ancient Chinese medicine is proving to be an effective treatment for low back pain, according to two new studies published in the British Medical Journal...

October 05, 2006
Pain in the Arm = Problem with Back:
Compromised posture is a polite way of describing what can happen to people who don’t stand up straight. You'll be surprised to learn how many aspects of the body it impacts...

September 28, 2006
A Life on Horseback – Part Two:
Balance is what keeps you in the saddle. The ability to fall without hurting yourself is learned when you’re young...

September 15, 2006
A Life on Horseback Takes Its Toll :
When the horse fell on me, he was kicking and flailing around with his legs! I thought, Would you get your balance and get your huge self off me...

August 30, 2006
Your Back or Your Feet – Communal Yoga Mats and Athlete’s Foot:
You go to yoga to stretch your back, but what about your feet? What you need to look for is flaky, reddened skin that itches...

August 18, 2006
Fit for Life – Part Two:
He has been through the no pain, no gain era of the 1980s when trainers were akin to militaristic drill instructors and women wanted to look like Madonna...

July 20, 2006
Fit for Life – and Dragon Boat Racing:
As Chinese people have known for 2,000 years, helping row a 1,760 pound wooden dragon boat is no small feat. But what began as a rain ceremony on southern China’s river banks has changed over the centuries...

July 06, 2006
Stem Cell Research Takes Small Step in Treating Spinal Cord Injuries:
Mention stem cells and people either get their hackles up or let their eyes glaze over and drift away from the conversation. Indeed, nothing on the front of medicine these days is more contentious...

June 20, 2006
Weightlifting Can Reduce Senior Back Pain:
As we age we begin to lose strength and flexibility causing our spine to curve and our discs to get thinner so vertebrae rub against each other. The result: Chronic back pain...

June 06, 2006
Stress Linked to Back Pain:
The world of holistic and Chinese medicine has long linked the mind and the body. But increasingly over the past three decades, so has mainstream medicine...

May 23, 2006
Distraction Therapy Relieves Pain:
In the world of pain relief, specialists aren’t the only ones providing patients with new alternatives. According to student-led research, when young patients engage in distractions like video games they experience significant relief from their pain...

May 09, 2006
Massage Growing in Favor for Back Pain:
Navigating life as humans do – fully upright – our spines take more stress than species that travel low on four legs. While for many this leads to acute and chronic lower back pain, the good news is...

April 28, 2006
Lower Back Pain Takes Some Heat:
Lower back pain is a common problem – more than 50 percent of all working Americans will have some kind of back problem within the next five years...

April 07, 2006
Dramatic Pain Relief for Some Spinal Compression Fractures:
“Approximately 700,000 vertebral, or spinal bone, fractures occur each year – usually in women over the age of 60,” notes the Society of Interventional Radiology...

March 23, 2006
Yoga and Back Pain – Part Two :
The full service Portland Yoga Arts studio is clearly many cuts above your standard yoga class where students schlep their own mats into rooms of marginal cleanliness and teachers mostly model routine poses. Rather...

March 10, 2006
Yoga and Back Pain - Part One:
“I was all stooped over and looked like an old lady. So when I moved to Portland in 1998 I decided I’d do yoga just to keep it from getting worse. The remarkable thing was that I got better and better – and better!” said Kay Harrold.

February 24, 2006
McKenzie Method Successful in Treating Back Pain:
“Although the McKenzie Method was introduced in 1959, it was not taught at medical schools until recently,” said clinical associate at the Center for the Spine in the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Peter B. Sinks, M.D....

February 10, 2006
Slow and Steady Comes Out on Top: Chronic Back Pain and GPR:
For the millions of people who suffer from severe back pain, relief may now come by way of France. According to a new study, a type of physical therapy appears to significantly minimize pain...

January 26, 2006
A Spinal Injury Story – Part Six:
Smith says she got precariously close to suicide over the holidays, even planning how and when she would end her life. She now realizes that leaving her home in the middle of all her health issues was not the best strategy...

January 13, 2006
A Spinal Injury Story – Part Five:
Constance Smith fell asleep before the airplane took off and slept the entire flight. “It was a hard landing, and we bounced. That’s what woke me up to a whole new life...

December 29, 2005
A Spinal Injury Story – Part Four:
“The thing is that the reason I went to the assisted living was to learn and get back on my feet..Instead the Big Mamoo nurse in charge started telling me what I could and couldn’t do. I mean really, I’m 60 years old, trying to recover from a horrible fall...

December 16, 2005
A Spinal Injury Story – Part Three:
By 10 o’clock the morning after Constance Smith’s neck surgery, a physical therapist had evaluated her, had her sitting up on the edge of the bed, and recommended her as a candidate for a relatively rigorous therapy program...

December 01, 2005
A Spinal Injury Story – Part Two:
Constance Smith points out that while she’s “learned so much about the healthcare industry, I’ve learned even more about me.” Indeed, going through what she did clearly takes the measure of a person...

November 11, 2005
The Long Road Back – A Spinal Injury Story :
One of life’s greatest ironies is that just as our minds and hearts are finding wisdom, our physical health often declines. In some of us it’s a slow, almost imperceptible process. In others debilitation strikes with the speed of eagle...

October 27, 2005
Botox and Capsaicin: Unlikely Treatments for Back Pain:
They’re not your usual solution to back pain, but they are effective. Injecting tiny amounts of a deadly poison into spasmed back muscles and slathering a cream made from habanero chili peppers...

October 07, 2005
Ancient Chinese Exercise Helping Seniors:
Thirty three percent of Americans over 65 have at least one serious fall each year. A new exercise program based on traditional Chinese medicine is hoping to help older Americans improve their strength and balance so they can prevent nasty falls...

September 23, 2005
Managing Golf Injuries:
That twinge you feel after landing your ball in the sand trap may not be from your bruised ego. According to Larry Foster, M.D, author of Dr. Divot’s Guide to Golf Injuries, an astonishing 60 percent of recreational golfers suffer one kind of injury or another...

September 08, 2005
Back to School Without Back Pain:
Articles debating heavy back packs and the spinal health of today’s youth have gotten to be as much of an annual ritual as the commercials that sell the book bags...

August 23, 2005
R&R – Recovery and Rehabilitation - Part Two:
What’s going on at the Providence hospital that makes for such speedy turnarounds? For one thing, the suite of rooms where patients have therapy is directly in the nursing unit, and large glass panels allow direct visual contact...

August 10, 2005
R&R – Rehabilitation & Recovery:
What happens? Where do they put us when all of a sudden we find ourselves trapped in a body that doesn’t function. Sounds awful, but it’s a nightmare hundreds of thousands if not millions experience...

July 21, 2005
Surgery Not Always the Answer for Low Back Pain:
Not only is it more costly than intensive rehabilitation, concluded a recent British study, surgery is no more effective in relieving the symptoms of low back pain. Millions of people see physicians each year for mechanical or chronic low back pain...

July 05, 2005
Back into Shape – Keep it Moving:
Unseen, perhaps, but oh so vital. The string of vertebrae running down the back is a flexible affair complete with facet joints and superior articular processes and intervertebral discs. Not only is the spine the mainstay on which the rest of the bones in the body attach...

June 08, 2005
Back Pain and Pregnancy: How to Weather a Problematic Pairing:
According to most experts, roughly half of all pregnant women will suffer some form of lower back pain during pregnancy. Not only that, but the pain may begin before the third month of pregnancy and continue...

May 24, 2005
Exercise and Aging - Get Fit Without Getting Hurt:
Staying active as you get older offers major health benefits – from improving mood to preventing heart disease – but there is a catch. Just as you can’t jump as high or run as fast at age 60 as you can at age 20, your aging bones and muscles can’t handle...

May 17, 2005
NSAID Users at Higher Risk for Kidney Failure:
Recent findings published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases suggest that the use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) increases the risk of developing acute renal failure...

April 22, 2005
Nerve-Related Back Pain Diagnosed by EMG:
It’s too late for Melvin Daniels of Longview, Washington. The debilitating back pain he experienced after a car accident led to a year’s misery during which time the weight he gained from lack of mobility finally culminated in a heart attack...

March 31, 2005
Connection Found Between Breast Cancer and Fracture Risk :
While many women worry about keeping their bones strong and stable as they age, survivors of breast cancer may need to take special care to preserve bone health and strength, say health experts...

March 04, 2005
A Dose of Virtual Reality for Back Pain:
A new study led by Emory researchers and funded by the National Institute of Health is testing the efficacy of virtual reality in helping patients cope with tough-to-beat back pain.

February 18, 2005
Put Your Back Into It: Exercise and Back Pain:
The traditional advice of “taking it easy” when experiencing back pain may be the worst thing for a bad back. Our first instinct when we have back pain is to stop moving. Often we worry that more movement may cause further damage...

February 04, 2005
Shoveling tips to avoid back aches and pains:
A landscape piled high with new-fallen snow is one of the most lovely, peaceful scenes of winter. A driveway or sidewalk piled high with snow inspires less tranquility. Shoveling snow can certainly be a nuisance, and as the American Physical Therapy Association counsels...

January 21, 2005
Chronic Back Pain and Depression Create Self-Perpetuating Cycle:
Chronic back pain and depression are like a tortured married couple that doesn’t want to go on. The problem is that often neither member of the unhappy union knows how to get out of the relationship.

December 13, 2004
Artificial Disc Presents New Alternative to Spinal Fusion:
The FDA has recently approved an artificial spinal disc for patients suffering lower back pain from degenerative disc disease (DDD). In replacing a damaged disc with an artificial one, the device offers a new alternative to spinal fusion surgery.

December 01, 2004
Vertebroplasty Procedure Used to Treat Fractures:
What do surgery, pain medication, and cement have in common? All three can be used to treat vertebral fractures. But cement, yes—the same kind used to fix cracks in sidewalks-is the only option that immediately eliminates pain.

November 09, 2004
Ergonomics Study finds Back Benefits from Easily-Adjustable Desks:
A recent Cornell University study has found that using a height-adjustable desk that enables a person to move from sitting to standing positions throughout the workday can improve workers’ productivity and reduce their discomfort.

October 21, 2004
The Role of Pain Avoidance in Recurrence of Lower Back Pain:
A team of researchers based at Ohio University have received a $1.55 million grant from the National Institutes of Health to conduct a study of changes in the movement patterns of patients suffering from recurrent lower back pain.

October 07, 2004
Many Treatment Options Available for Herniated Disc in Back:
One of the most common injuries to the back, according to the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, is a herniated or “slipped” disc.” About a quarter of all back pain is the result of a herniated disc...

October 01, 2004
Parents Can Help Students Lighten Load On Their Backs:
With the return of Autumn comes the beginning of another school year, and children across the U.S. are once again packing up their bookbags to return to class.

September 03, 2004
New Research on Back to Help Spinal Cord:
For doctors and patients alike, spinal cord injuries are one of the most profound and intractable of medical problems. Damage to the spinal cord can result in loss of feeling for the patient, as well as decreased mobility to the point of paralysis.

September 02, 2004
Confused About Your Core?:
If you suffer from back pain, you have likely been told that exercises are good for you - and specifically those that strengthen your core.

August 12, 2004
Acupuncture May Help Alleviate Back Pain:
People who suffer from back pain, whether chronic or acute, often find that conventional treatments such as medicine are not enough to cure their pain, while more drastic measures such as surgery are expensive and risky. Acupuncture is a non-invasive alternative therapy that can provide relief to sufferers of back pain.

July 26, 2004
Sound Therapy for Back Pain:
Back pain is so prevalent in society that alternative treatments to conventional medicine have become very popular. Acupuncture, chiropractics, massage, electrical muscle stimulation, and biofeedback have been used for years. Ambient sound may now be added to the list.

June 25, 2004
New Pain Treatment Option for Patients With Herniated Discs:
The Stryker Corporation has unveiled a new medical instrument designed to get to the bottom of disc herniation pain.

June 02, 2004
Dance Training Decreases Back Pain for Cross-Country Skiers:
Cross-country skiers who suffer from back pain may want to add dance to their training schedule. Researchers in Sweden studied the effect of twelve weeks of dance training on skiers. Their results were published in the April issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

April 27, 2004
Botox May Help Back Pain:
Recent studies show that botulinum toxin type A, commonly known as Botox, may be an effective treatment for chronic back pain, even after other treatments have failed.

March 26, 2004
Women with Rheumatoid Arthritis Face Increased Health Risks:
A new study that links rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and spinal deformities shows that women with RA face increased health risks.

March 04, 2004
Back Conditions Affect Children, Too:
Although children and early adolescents are much less likely to experience back pain than their adult counterparts, this younger population does occasionally experience spine problems.

January 22, 2004
Program Improves Physical, Mental Function in Lower Back Pain Patients:
A study recently published in the Archives of Internal Medicine showed that giving low-income patients the counseling and resources they need to self-manage acute lower back pain has a dramatic effect on those patients’ mental and physical function.

January 11, 2004
Medium-Firm Mattresses Best for Back Pain:
Despite a lack of scientific evidence, popular wisdom has long prescribed a firm mattress as the best antidote for lower back pain. Recently however, a Spanish research team from the Kovacs Foundation has introduced startling new evidence that dispels this popular myth.

December 11, 2003
Antibiotic Shows Promise for Treating Osteoarthritis:
Doctors investigating a commonly prescribed antibiotic have found that it can slow the progression and pain of osteoarthritis, suggesting a potential role in treating the disease that affects millions of Americans.

November 24, 2003
Treatment of Fibromyalgia with Milnacipran:
Marking a significant milestone in the treatment of fibromyalgia, a group of scientists presented further proof of Milnacipran’s success in treating this chronic pain disorder at the October Annual Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology.

November 03, 2003
Scoliosis: What You Need To Know:
Scoliosis describes a condition of abnormal spine alignment that affects approximately 6 million Americans, or roughly 2-3% of the population. Fortunately, treatment through bracing can be highly beneficial in halting progression of the condition, thus preventing the need for surgical correction.

October 07, 2003
Avoid Yoga Injury:
Yoga’s popularity is at an all-time high. People all over the country are bending and stretching to various types of yoga techniques to increase flexibility, build strength, and improve health. As the fitness craze builds a loyal following, the yoga community is recognizing the importance of teacher standards to avoid joint and muscle injury.

September 11, 2003
Coping With Back Pain During Pregnancy:
Expectant mothers have a number of bodily ailments to deal with – weight gain, swollen ankles, a newly-found craving for pickles – and nearly a third of these women can add back pain to the list.

August 06, 2003
Treating Low Back Pain: Physical Therapy Versus Surgical Treatment:
Low back pain can impose several inconveniences on the daily activities of your life. Left untreated, chronic low back pain can even deprive you of sleep. How do you treat low back pain?

June 17, 2003
Chiropractic Medicine: the Solution for Your Back Pain?:
Every year half of all Americans experience back pain, and many undergo surgery to fix the problem. But for those wanting a more conservative approach to pain control chiropractic can be a safe and effective alternative.

May 27, 2003
Is Back Surgery Right For You?:
Although the majority of back problems usually improve with adequate rest, minor physical adjustments or pain medication, an increasing number of back pain sufferers are turning to surgical procedures for a permanent solution.

April 15, 2003
Understanding Low Back Pain:
With the exception of cold and flu symptoms, backaches send more people to the doctor than any other medical condition. Approximately 65 million Americans are affected by back pain, and about 80 percent of the population will experience some form of it at least once in their lifetime.

March 14, 2003
Treatments for Low Back Pain:
Low back pain affects up to 80 percent of Americans at some time during their lives, and is one of the top 10 reasons for patient visits to emergency rooms, hospital outpatient departments and physicians’ offices.

February 12, 2003
SB Charité Artificial Disc and ProDisc: The Future of Disc Repair:
Each year in the United States, approximately 200,000 patients receive spinal fusions to combat degenerative disc disease. However, thanks to European innovation in artificial disc implantation, the days of spinal fusion as a routine procedure may be numbered.

October 29, 2002
Severe Back Pain: Physical vs. Psychological Pain Relief :
Back pain is a chronic condition that rarely can be cured or treated effectively. Sufferers seek pain management, one of the most requested but least successful treatment options in medicine.

January 25, 2001
A Device to Relieve Back Pain Is Helping Europeans:
Chronic lower back pain is a frustrating health problem that approximately four out of five adults will suffer during their lifetimes. It is also a mystery to many health professionals. Some people diagnosed with back pain find that the physical therapy and lifestyle modifications suggested by doctors cannot begin to ease their pain.

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