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Topic Title: new arthritis drug
Created On: 08/23/2000 03:19 PM

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 06/04/2010 10:21 AM

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Most glucosamine sold as dietary supplements is derived from shellfish. So far, there have been a few small scale studies, like this one, showing that people who are allergic to shellfish can safely take glucosamine supplements derived from shellfish. Most allergic reactions are against proteins in the shellfish, and glucosamine supplements should not contain any shellfish proteins.

However, since there haven't been any very large studies and since dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA, most doctors recommend that people with shellfish allergies stay away from shellfish-derived glucosamine.

Fortunately, synthetic and plant-based versions of glucosamine (such as this one) are available.

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 09/04/2001 12:02 PM

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i read in news week glucosomin is derived for fish shells; if so will people who get reactions for fish be affected.
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 09/10/2000 12:24 PM

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My wife & I & several friends have had a great deal of relief & deminished symptoms after using Glucosomin & Chondroiton capsules . It takes from 30 to 45 days for noticeable benefits w/NO bad side affects (only good ones) My wife was using crutches & I carried a cane & now we use niether/ We are both in our 70's. Give it a try!!
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 08/23/2000 03:19 PM

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I have not heard of Arava, but I know that a family member had severe rheumatoid arthritis and benefited from acupuncture! The practioner was an MD and an acupuncturist and based in NJ.
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