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Created On: 12/19/2004 08:11 PM

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 10/02/2007 12:05 PM

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To pharmgirl1968I also have ankylosing spondylitis ... and fibromyalgia. I have gotten to the point where I can barely work and am at the point where I need to try to get disability retirement. And after working full time I don't have the energy or hurt too much to do much of anything when I get home. I can't handle cooking and to load the dishwasher, the few times that I do it, I have to take one or two breaks before I can finish because of back pain. I am currently on methotrexate, xanaflex, mobic, tylenol 3 (for bad flare-ups), and prednisone (being weaned off of it). My doctor gave me a brochure for Remicaid last week to look over and decide if I want to start on that med. I saw in the brochure where it claimed to give that much releif, but it is good to see that other people have had such wonderful improvement with it and had very little side effects.

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 09/14/2006 04:39 AM

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Remicaid is an excellent drug. Stop the histeria. I would sooner die than go back to living my life with out this drug. I have been on remicaid, methotrexate and enbrel for treatment of ankylosing spondylitis for 18 months. All work great. I am only on Remicaid now because it is so much easier to use. The only side effect that I had was related to the methotrexate. I experienced minimal hair loss. You have to take some responsibility for your situation. You have to understand that if you are going to take these drugs you must keep a very clean house, keep all pets very healthy and restrict visits with people who are sick, been exposed to someone who is sick or someone who has had live vaccines. You also need to maintain your weight and eat a healthy diet. You also can't smoke or drink. People have died from taking aspirin, tylenol and vitamins so should we tell the world to stop using them? You need to think about all the lives that have been saved, mine included. I worked in drug research for many years and am well educated as a medical professional and a patient. It is always so much easier to blame drug companies and the medications they provide, than to take responsibility for your own life and the choices you make. You knew the risks in advance, as did I. I couldn't even walk before I started using these drugs. My disease will also severely damage my lungs, heart and eye sight as well as destoy my spine leaving me paralyzed. Now tell me what is the lesser evil!! I am strongly advising anyone with my illness to take the drugs. You will get your life back if they work and if they don't your no worse off. Don't let fear make your decisions. If you don't aggressively treat these diseases you'll die any way and probably lose any quality of life you may have had before.
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 12/19/2004 08:11 PM

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BEWARE! Remicaid is a highly TOXIC drug and VERY dangerous! My husband was put on it along with Methotrxate 3 YRS.yrs. ago FOR arthritis pain. Within 6 months, the problems began: For the next year and a half, he had 3 bouts of bacterial pneumonia, sinus infections, ear infections,shingles and developed COPD. I realized that REMICAID BLOCKS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM ! He immediately came off of it. Now..a year AFTER he went off of it, his blood platelet level dropped to 3,000 and he almost died. They had to remove his spleen, which was eating up his blood platelets. The biopsy on the spleen after surgery showed it had LYMPHOMA. ALL of these things were almost surely caused by Remicaid. If you listen carefully to the can barely hear it..they tell you it can cause TB, blood disorders and Lymophoma. PLEASE..DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG. IF YOU'RE ON IT..GET OFF OF IT BEFORE IT KILLS YOU.
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