Reversing Spinal Cord Injuries?

Topic Title: Reversing Spinal Cord Injuries?
Created On: 10/24/2010 06:37 PM

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 07/29/2013 02:18 AM

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Hello! There are major breakthroughs in orthopedic nowadays. Stem cell therapy is creating huge waves in the medical field especially in Orthopedics. Dr Joesph Purita is at the forefront using stemcells to repair and regenerate nerves. try visiting Hope this helps.
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 06/20/2013 01:58 PM

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Does anyone know if any progress has been made on this, or any other similar treatments? A coworker of was paralyzed recently, and I'm really hopeful that he'll regain at least some of his movement, but the doctors don't seem to think it's likely. With the amazing technological advancements that have been made in recent years, there has to be at least a chance, right?
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 10/24/2010 06:37 PM

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Spinal injuries are a huge issue. Over a quarter million Americans are partially paralyzed due to spinal cord injuries. Recent research could lead to the first treatment to completely reverse spinal cord injuries. From an article in the LA Times:

"History was made this month when a patient in Atlanta was treated for the first time with a therapy derived from human embryonic stem cells. It was part of a clinical trial to test the safety of specialized nerve cells that researchers hope will repair damaged spinal cords - potentially allowing patients to regain the use of their legs, bladders or even just a single finger that would allow them to operate their own wheelchair."

Read the full article here.

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